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About Kid Perks

Welcome to Kids Perks. This site was built as a free resource for parents, teachers, educators, home school families and children. Our goal is to provide a safe place to browse and search for kid-friendly websites – many of which offer educational activities. If you search the Internet, it is pretty clear that many kid directory sites are loaded with ads: flashing, pay-per-click, “buy me! buy me!” We wanted to provide a website that wasn’t so full of flashing buttons and disruptive advertisements. For that reason, you will never find bright, flashing ads or pay-per-click links on this site. Just simple, clean, easy-to-navigate pages. If you do see ad listings, they will be subtle and noise-free.

Our listings are currently minimal, however, we invite you to add your own resource to our database. There is no charge to add your link but it must fall into one of the following categories:


If your website (or web page or blog) meets these guidelines, please fill out the entry form and let us know what you have to offer. All websites and blogs are examined prior to posting in order to ensure that they are family friendly, non-violent and age appropriate.