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Art and Drawing


The Galactic Color-Bot: online coloring and mixing.


Coloring pages, bookmarks, mazes, writing paper, connect the dots and more.

Billy Bear 4 Kids:

Learn to draw, step by step.

Coloring Pages 24:

Nature, transportation, school and more.

Kids Front:

Learn to draw numerous animals and shapes, step by step.

Create original artwork online:

The sites are labeled by grade level to help guide you to those that best suit your students/kids. In addition, I’ve added ratings to give teachers and students an idea of how much interactivity is available at each site.


Step-by-step drawing lessons, printables and coloring pages for children. Animals, cartoons, automobiles and more.

Uncle Fred:

Learn to draw a chef, bunny, chimp, panda, kitty, walrus, puppy, chic or penguin.

Cartoon Critters:

Learn to draw an airplane, alien, angel, fish, cat, Angelica, mermaid, astronaut, elf or army tank.

Albright-Knox Art Gallery:

The activities are:

  • designed for children in kindergarten through 6th grade.
  • to be enjoyed by children playing on their own or with an adult companion.
  • guided by instructions in English or Spanish text and audio.

Allbright-Knox Art Gallery (Spanish):

Galeria de Juegos: Haga clic encendido las imágenes abajo para comenzar a jugar los Artgames de Albright-Knox.

Kid Scoop:

A small selection of step-by-step drawings.

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