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Printable Sheets

Below is a listing of sites with printable sheets for kids.  If there are sites with printable sheets that we are missing please let us know in the comments below.


Bing Note:

Coloring sheets that promote self esteem and kindness.

 abc teach:

 5,000+ free printables to choose from: word search, coloring sheets, craft ideas, crossword puzzles and more.


Free coloring book : outdoors with Lil Boo


Educational printouts, craft ideas, games, etc.


Free coloring sheets: animals, transportation, food, characters, toys, holidays, birthdays, sports, circus, nature and more!

Pre-K Pages:

Printouts: Literacy, math, teaching resources and teaching tips.

Enchanted Learning:

Over 25,000 pages: printables, craft ideas, literacy, reading, holiday ideas and more (many are free).

Twooth Timer:

Free printouts that teach about healthy dental care.

Mrs. P: 

Free coloring sheets, bookmark activities and more.

Freckles Crafts:

A variety of printouts featuring Freckles the Frog.

Today I Ate a Rainbow:

Coloring sheets, mazes, “name that fruit” and more.

Human Body Detectives:

Coloring sheets, calendars and other printables.

Regionz Kidz (culturally diverse):

Custom designed coloring sheets that highlight various cultures.

Mazes to Print:

Easy, medium, hard, mega, word mazes and make-your-own.


Coloring sheets, word search, puzzles, holiday sheets and more.

Dinner Garden:

Word searches and coloring sheets related to gardending and eating healthy.


Birthday, seasonal, sports, environmental, pirates, wizards and animals.

Kids Scoop:

How to fold an origami dog and more.

Weboo World:

Choose from a selection of 4 custom-created coloring sheets: castle, dragon, dolphin or princess

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