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Yoursphere is the online social network for kids and teens that puts safety first. Yoursphere provides a positive, age appropriate and content appropriate alternative to social networks created by adults and intended for adults.

NOTE: Enter YSMC-0007 for a free basic membership

Chica Circle:

To inspire, empower, and connect tween girls through creative online collaborative projects.

Sweety High:

Sweety High is a social world for girls, a boutique arts and entertainment website driven by social networking, gaming, and original content for girls 9 and up. Our mission, from conception, has been to provide girls with an extremely engaging, age-appropriate site while giving parents the transparency and editing controls they need to help guide the process.

iTwixie (paid site – $2.99 a month):

Parents love that iTwixie Admin is always actively chatting with the girls to keep everyone safe and having fun. And girls love getting to chat with girls from all over the world about all kinds of cool topics!

This membership allows full access to all activities on Twixing! Twixing is an adult-monitored chat room. For just $2.99/month you get access to high quality, empowering and moderated chats about cool stuff, featuring really cool guests!

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